Automatically lift and lower your truck top with Clock Conversions’ AccessATop!


AccessATop protects your mobility device from all weather elements!

Vehicle Applications

GM full size pickup trucks
Ford full size pickup trucks

Ram full size pickup trucks
Toyota full size pickup trucks

  • AccessATop Pickup Truck Conversion
  • AccessATop Pickup Truck Conversion
  • AccessATop Pickup Truck Conversion

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Dealer may obtain compatible cap on their own, but we recommend using Clock Mobility to get cap.

Not recommended for truck beds less than 5’6’’ feet in length. When swinging a mobility device into a shorter bed – Many mobility devices will not have room to be set down. Contact Clock Conversions for application limitations.

Step-Side/Flare-Side beds cannot be used because the cap will hit the side of bed when tipped up, and the actuator will not have enough room to function correctly when mounted.

Download the Vehicle Application Make/Model Chart Here

Important Note: Always contact your AccessATop dealer for specific applications for your vehicle.

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