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Buy or Rent? What to Consider When Shopping for a Wheelchair Van

Wheelchair Van

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Shopping for a new wheelchair van can be challenging. Juggling all of the features available, determining what you need and then working out what models fit within your budget can take quite a long time and, if problems arise, there is the real possibility of having to start all over. One of the most important decisions to be made is whether you will rent or buy your new van. With each option offering a specific set of benefits, it's essential that you take a close look at your needs – and the means available to you – to arrive at the best possible decision.

Have a Unique Vehicle That Needs Mobility Modifications? Let Us Know!

Mobility Modifications

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Do you already own a mobility van? Have you been eyeing a new motorhome? Maybe considering the purchase of an ATV? If you answered yes to any of these questions, Clock Mobility offers the mobility modification services that you need! Our goal is to help all of our customers achieve the independence that they desire and, to do that, we provide modifications to a wide range of vehicles. In today's post, we're going to look at a few of the vehicles that we can modify.

A Guide for Shoppers That Are Looking to Buy a New Wheelchair Van

Wheelchair Van

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If you've been considering a new wheelchair van, we're confident that you've been taken aback by the sheer number of options available. Full-size, minivan, side entry and rear entry... the number of configurations and sizes is nearly endless. With that in mind, it can be difficult to settle on a specific van. It can be tough to find exactly the van that you need, the one that addresses all of your concerns and offers you the comfort and safety that you desire. In this post, we're going to give you a few tips that will make your shopping easier.

Winter Driving, a Few Safety Tips for Your New Wheelchair Van

Wheelchair Van

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Well, it's unfortunate but – as they say – winter is coming. And, this year, it doesn't sound like we're going to get off easy. Last year the grass barely had time to turn brown before summer was back. But, according to the weatherman, we're going get hit hard this year. Anyone who remembers the winter of 2014 is already preparing for the mountains of snow, the icy roads and the subzero temperatures. However, if you've recently purchased a new wheelchair van, you could likely benefit from a few pieces of advice.

Three Tips to Help You Safely Drive Your Wheelchair Van This Fall

Wheelchair Van

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With summer starting to wind down and cooler weather – thankfully – on its way, scores of drivers are about to hit the road in their wheelchair vans to take in the scenery. While most people wouldn't think that fall is a particularly challenging season to drive during, there are a few things that can complicate otherwise pleasant drives. Sometimes it's low visibility due to the weather, other times it's sporadic natural occurrences that make things difficult.

Three Ways to Drive Safer in Your Wheelchair Accessible Van

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With the wide range of wheelchair vans available, disabled driving is becoming more and more common. Whether you're behind the wheel of a full-size mobility van or in the driver's seat of the agile Ford Transit Connect, it pays to keep a few safety tips in mind. Obviously, all of the standard hints apply: wear a seatbelt, be aware of the other drivers around you and keep your attention focused on the road. However, a few additional steps can help to keep you – and your family – safe while you're out on the road this summer.

Planning the Perfect Summer Vacation in Your Wheelchair Accessible Van

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With the first day of summer behind us, it's now official: the cold of winter is gone and the warmth of summer is here to stay! So, having said that, what are your plans for the summer? When was the last time you gathered the family and hit the open road? If you've recently acquired a new wheelchair van, we're happy to tell you: now is the perfect time to start orchestrating the best summer vacation ever. In this post, we're going to offer you a few tips that are certain to help you plan the perfect summer vacation.

Take to the Streets with the New Ford Transit Connect

Ford Transit Connect

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One of the newest entries in the accessible vehicle scene is the Ford Transit Connect. Offering an amazing balance between accessibility, maneuverability and economy, the Ford Transit Connect is a great option for anyone looking to get out of the house, hit the road and explore the world around them. In this post, we're going to look at a few of the amazing advantages of driving the Ford Transit Connect.

Learn More about the Benefits of Bruno Residential Stairlifts


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The goal of everyone at Clock Mobility is to help our customers attain the freedom that they desire. For that reason, we understand that handicap vans are only one part of the equation. While they're great for getting you out on the road, enjoying all the beauty that the world has to offer, they don't address the mobility issues that many of our customers experience at home. To address those issues, we're proud to carry Bruno Residential Stairlifts.

Spring Break Vacation and Road Trip Ideas to Get the Most Out of Your Wheelchair Van

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If you've recently purchased a new wheelchair van – or you're considering picking one up – spring is a great time of year to get the most out of it. With the snow gone, the pavement clear and the future in front of you, you are free to hit the road and explore all of the wonders that Michigan has to offer. Whether you're drawn to the natural greenery of the North or the urban attractions on offer in the East, there's no better way to experience our great state than to get behind the wheel and drive. In this post, we're going to look at a few of Michigan's most popular hot spots.

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