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Independence Through Wheelchair Lifts

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Clock Mobility wheelchair accessible vehicles are a great step towards freedom of movement without assistance, but people may run into trouble without the help of wheelchair lifts. It may not be difficult for someone to be able to enter their wheelchair accessible vehicle on their own, but the problem lies in getting the chair in afterword. Ramps could be used, but they don’t provide the same amount of ease and comfort as that of our wheelchair lifts.

Buy A Mobility Van With Confidence From The Experts At Clock Mobility

Great Mobility vehicles make traveling with a wheelchair easier

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When you’re shopping for a new mobility van you want to work with a company that has the expertise to deliver a vehicle that meets all of your needs. We are Clock Mobility for a reason, we believe in finding mobility solutions for everyone. Whether you need to transport a wheelchair user or want a vehicle with modifications so that your wheelchair user is in the driver’s seat, we’ve got the vehicle for you.

Adaptive Equipment Makes Mobility Easier For Drivers and Passengers

adaptive equipment

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For those looking to improve their family’s mobility there are many adaptive devices available to make travel and driving easier than ever before. Clock Mobility wheelchair lifts, turning seats, and AccessATop open a wide range of options for those with mobility issues. We don’t ever want physical challenges to prevent independence. 

Need To Travel With a Wheelchair? Accessible Van Rentals are Perfect for The Holidays!

Family members can all ride together with accessible van rentals

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Do you have the organized aunt who’s already sending out emails to schedule your holiday party? Rowdy family get-togethers over the holidays in November and December are a hallmark of the season. We understand that families that need to travel with a wheelchair may need some extra space in their vehicle this December, or they might have concerns about using their current vehicle. Clock Mobility has full size and mini vans available to rent for the day, for a week, or even a month! We know you don’t let mobility issues hold you back, use our wheelchair accessible van rental program as another tool for independence.

Our Vehicle Conversion Expertise Extends To Paratransit Fleets

15 Person Paratransit Vehicle

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Municipalities, hospitals, and nursing homes rely on us to build their ADA compliant paratransit mobility vehicles. We convert minivans, full size vans and buses for the unique needs of paratransit users. For people with disabilities, paratransit vehicles are often the best supplement to fixed-route bus and rail systems by public transit and other agencies. These vehicles need to meet the needs of a diverse group of users, including those in a variety of wheelchair types and their companions or caregivers. 

Enjoy The Satisfaction Of a Job Well Done

Modified Work Vehicles

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At Clock Mobility we know that creating mobility and independence in the work environment is crucial to a fulfilling lifestyle. As much as we might groan about our jobs, losing the ability to do them is unacceptable. Our occupations provide us with a sense of purpose as well as an income. If you’ve had a change in your mobility and are looking for the right vehicle modifications to remove barriers to getting back to work, we have the experience to get you back on the job. If regaining your independence involves using a motor – give us a call. 

Mobility Vehicles Come In All Shapes and Sizes

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As a Michigan based company, we have many clients that want to get outside. Do you and your family love spending time outdoors? We love creating mobility vans and trucks, but we haven’t forgotten the other vehicles used during our free time. If you love to see the country from a recreational vehicle, prefer to see the countryside on an off road vehicle, snowmobile, or golf cart, or even want to get out on the water –  Clock Mobility can make modifications to help. We know that independence means being able to go do what you love, and make memories with the people you love. 

Get Speed, Space, and Maneuverability with a Ford Transit Connect

Ford Transit Connect

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An exciting new addition to the world of accessible vehicles is the Ford Transit Connect. Economical, agile, and spacious, it is one of the best options for would-be drivers looking to take to the road. Whether you're concerned about fuel economy, room for passengers, or safety features, the Transit Connect has it all! In addition to this, its rock solid reliability makes it one of the most dependable vehicles on the road. In today's post, we're going to examine the benefits of this amazing vehicle.

Attain Safety and Independence with Bruno Residential Stairlifts

Bruno Residential Stairlifts

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At Clock Mobility, we are committed to helping our customers gain the independence and security that they desire, whether they're on the roads or in their homes. Because of that, we offer both mobility vans and Bruno Residential Stairlifts. Renowned for their products, Bruno has earned a reputation for providing people with the products and assistance that they need to live full, free lives. In today's post, we're going to discuss how Bruno's stairlifts can help your home feel more like home.

Why We Don’t Call Them Handicap Vans

Handicap Van

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At Clock Mobility, we are often asked why we don't call our mobility vans, "handicap vans." While there are a number of reasons for this, the most direct answer is that our customers are not defined by their disabilities. Their disabilities are not an element of their personal identity, they don't define them as a person. Instead, we strive to use "person-first terminology" that communicates a different message: that their disability isn't their defining characteristic and that it is just a small part of who they are.

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