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Independence Through Wheelchair Lifts

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Clock Mobility wheelchair accessible vehicles are a great step towards freedom of movement without assistance, but people may run into trouble without the help of wheelchair lifts. It may not be difficult for someone to be able to enter their wheelchair accessible vehicle on their own, but the problem lies in getting the chair in afterword. Ramps could be used, but they don’t provide the same amount of ease and comfort as that of our wheelchair lifts.

Wheelchair lifts

Wheelchair lift seat

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A factor that we take for granted in the United States involves the use of an automobile to get from one place to another. Those in wheelchairs now have a great way to gain mobility and independence because of the advancements in wheelchair vans and wheelchair lifts. One of the most exciting advancements in vehicle modifications is taking place in wheelchair accessible modifications. Wheelchair accessible vans and automobiles must all have certain features which make them readily usable.

Scooter Lifts

Scooter Lift

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A growing number of people are discovering a new way to get around through modified vans designed especially for handicap use and wheelchair accessibility. These people are able to gain independence and an ability to move about freely due to certain modifications that can be made to many of today's leading consumer vans. These modifications can be very simple such as scooter lifts, or involve integrated computer technology to operate the vehicle and allow access to it.

Mobility Vans

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There is no question that the field of mobility vehicles has grown and developed considerably within the last decade. The amount of technology and other advancements, as well as the skill and craftsmanship of those that perform the modifications, now means that those in wheelchairs or scooters can now easily gain mobility and independence. The mobility vans offer a tremendous variety of equipment that can assist anyone with mobility difficulties. These vans can range from very simple additions, to whole scale customizations complete with integrated computers systems and adaptive technology, depending on the individual needs of the clients.

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