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There is no question that the field of mobility vehicles has grown and developed considerably within the last decade. The amount of technology and other advancements, as well as the skill and craftsmanship of those that perform the modifications, now means that those in wheelchairs or scooters can now easily gain mobility and independence. The mobility vans offer a tremendous variety of equipment that can assist anyone with mobility difficulties. These vans can range from very simple additions, to whole scale customizations complete with integrated computers systems and adaptive technology, depending on the individual needs of the clients.

One of the most basic components of a mobility van is a wheelchair or scooter lift. The lift allows quick access to the vehicle without the need for additional help. The lifts are almost always hydraulic, which means that they are tremendously dependable, reliable and offer a smooth ride every time. The hydraulic lift is also the most trusted because it is able to offer a great deal weight lifting ability, which can be essential for anyone in a motorized wheelchair or a heavy scooter. These lifts are generally stored inside the vehicle, and can fold down whenever needed with a remote control or similar device to ensure that no additional help is required.

The wheelchair lifts are just one aspect of the mobility van. Other equipment includes the restraint feature. The wheelchair restraint is required for safe and effective travel, and can be a very simple installation process. The restraints are also very easy to use and are unquestionably effective. One other very basic modification that is common to the mobility van is the use of removable seat. These seats are specially designed to be removable and easily stored. The removable seats can be side passenger, rear passenger or even the driver’s side seat.

Other equipment in mobility vans can transform the vehicle into a truly adaptive machine that fits the individual needs of those who ride inside. There are hand controls to operate effectively without the need for foot pedals. These hand controls utilize an ingenious design that means the gas and brake are able to be operated while one hand remains on the steering device. There are of course many mobility vans with traditional steering wheels, but some vans are able to be steered through a variety of computer assisted driving software.

With the right design and the right service team, there is no obstacle that can get in the way of a mobility van.

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