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As anyone without a one will tell you, the key to mobility and independence is a vehicle. For those in wheelchairs or with other types of handicaps that would make driving difficult, there is now a chance to gain the freedoms that vehicles allow. There have been several recent advancements in wheelchair vans that have allowed those with handicaps to easily access vehicles and even drive.

One such advancement is the ability to gain entry into the vehicle without outside assistance. This is made possible because of the type of side or rear entry van lifts that can be attached to some models of vans or minivans. The lifts are usually hydraulic lifts that smoothly and safely allow access to the vehicle automatically and without human help. These lifts are an essential component of mobility because they allow wheelchair users or those with other handicaps to take complete control of the situation. There are also wheelchair straps to secure the user in place once the vehicle is in movement. This is so important in a vehicle for safety and comfort. Additionally, there are usually removable front seats in the driver’s side and passenger side of a vehicle.

Getting into a vehicle is one part of regaining mobility and independence, but it is another thing entirely to be able to actually drive the vehicle. There are many modifications that now allow those with a handicap to operate a vehicle without assistance. Some of these modifications are very high-tech, others are much more simplistic and are mechanically operated adjustments. Today’s handicap vans are equipped with a number of features such as hand controls. These controls are able to be utilized by anyone who cannot operate traditional foot pedals for whatever reason. The controls on these vans are installed by a knowledgeable team who can adjust the acceleration and braking pedals to ensure that they are calibrated properly and will hold up through time.

Another great advancement has come thanks to computer assisted driving. This feature is a remarkable component that uses the highest level of technology to address the specific needs of the handicap driver and ensures that they are fully equipped to operate the vehicle with no human assistance. These computer guided driving features are remarkable in the way that they allow safe driving with total control of the vehicle’s movement.

These features allow handicap users to fully function and gain independence through mobility.

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