Adaptive equipment

Enjoy a Summer Vacation with Adaptive Equipment

Adaptive Equipment

Tags: Adaptive equipment


As weather warms in Michigan once again, it’s time to think about getting your recreational vehicles outfitted with adaptive equipment. The unique modifications available from Clock Mobility ensures you and your family that you can bring along everyone with ease and fully enjoy your vacation. We can work on almost anything that has a motor to make sure that your whole family is able to join in on the summer fun.

Adaptive Equipment Makes Mobility Easier For Drivers and Passengers

adaptive equipment

Tags: Adaptive equipment


For those looking to improve their family’s mobility there are many adaptive devices available to make travel and driving easier than ever before. Clock Mobility wheelchair lifts, turning seats, and AccessATop open a wide range of options for those with mobility issues. We don’t ever want physical challenges to prevent independence. 

Adaptive Equipment

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Tags: Adaptive equipment


There have been a great number of new advancements throughout the previous decade in the field of adaptive equipment in mobility vans. These vans specialize in allowing those in scooters, wheelchairs and others with mobility difficulties to regain independence and truly become more mobile through the use of integrated tools and assistive technology that can greatly enhance the ease of use and self-reliance of anyone using the vehicles. These vehicles are usually modified vans that allow those in wheelchairs and scooters unlimited access to get in, get out and even operate the vehicle.

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