Restraint Systems

Wheelchair Restraint Systems

At Clock, your personal safety comes first. That's why we specialize in wheelchair and scooter restraint systems such as the Q'Straint® and Sure-LokTM. They offer four-point tie-down securement systems with flush-mounted floor pocket inserts and a non-retractable shoulder belt. The result is stable support during minor braking as well as more sudden stops.

For the ultimate in efficiency, time savings and convenience, we also have retractable wheelchair restraint systems available. Each meets the highest standards of quality to ensure optimum safety.

Are your attendants and family members tired of struggling with the straps and belts on your tiedown system? Then maybe a powered restraint system is right for you. We can install a powered system from EZ-Lock that provides the physically challenged driver or passenger a degree of independence not possible with other systems. A powered system does not require an attendant to engage or release the system.

Call for more information on wheelchair restraint systems and how they can improve your safety and mobility.

Restraint Systems
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