Paratransit Bus


Click here to see more picturesAt Clock Mobility, we are capable of almost any size conversion task. We are of course able to perform conversions on mini vans and standard size vans, but we are able to convert large buses for paratransit use by hospitals, nursing homes and municipalities. These buses are done with the same high standard and attention to detail that Clock Mobility is known for, but they are able to have a seating capacity much greater than a single family van or truck. The paratransit buses require a level of experience and a conversion team that is equipped to meet the rigorous demands of paratransit specifications.

Paratransit buses are essential for mobility for large organizations where a smaller van just won't be enough. We make certain to make each commercial or large paratransit bus meet the same quality demands that of our single family conversions. At Clock Mobility, no conversion job is too big or too small.