Wheelchair Minivans

Clock makes a big thing of minivans

Mini VanMinivans are a perfect solution to a number of mobility issues. Many types of popular minivans can be converted to meet the needs of people with many different abilities. These vehicles are able to have modified entries, wheelchair latching systems, driving aids and assistive technology. Here at Clock Mobility, we are able to do a wide variety of modifications to very popular types of minivans to convert them to fully-functioning handicap vans to meet the needs of almost any family.

Minivans are a popular choice because they allow the users to regain mobility. With lowered floors, there are many options to make many types of standard minivans wheelchair accessible. With additional equipment such as lifts and loader devices or restraint systems, wheelchair minivans truly do allow the users to take control of their mobility.

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Here at Clock, we are a BraunAbility dealer and service center. We have extensive experience and expertise in the field, and have worked with all types of vehicle conversions. We are confident in your satisfaction and in our ability to fit a mini-van to suit your mobility needs.