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Loader and Lift Devices

Loader and Lift DevicesOne of the most common challenges faced by wheelchair users is getting the chair in after you. The same goes for scooters.

If you've considered an alternative to your current method, call Clock today about wheelchair loader and scooter lifts.

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LOADERS or SCOOTER LIFTERS are devices that pick up an EMPTY scooter, manual wheelchair, or electric wheelchair and stow that mobility device for transport in your vehicle. LOADERS are not to be confused with a WHEELCHAIR LIFT, which picks up the person AND the mobility device so that the rider can be transported in a vehicle.

Loaders come in many varieties with the most common being ones that have straps which attach to the scooter or wheelchair allowing it to be lifted into the vehicle. The loader powers the device up and down and then you either manually or electronically swing the device into the rear of the vehicle, depending on the model of loader selected.

There are also platform style loaders that either attach to the rear hitch of a vehicle (the device is transported on a platform outside of the vehicle) or mount on the floor in the rear of the vehicle, which allow the mobility device to be transported safely out of the weather. There are also loaders for the side doors of minivans, loaders that store a manual chair in a rooftop carrier, and loaders that store the device in the bed or cab of a pickup truck.

Click here to see more picturesThere are many types of applications for trunks of automobiles, side and rear doors of mini and full sized vans, pickup trucks, SUV's and RV's.

Clock Mobility is a premiere dealer of BRUNO loaders, as well as loaders from other manufacturers.

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