Standard Full Size Vans

Standard Mobility Vans

Standard full size vans are used as wheelchair accessible vans when there is not a need for additional floor-to-ceiling space, but extra weight allotment is needed for the modifications that must be made to a vehicle. Each vehicle has a weight limit, and the full size vans offer more options for the after-market modifications that are necessary for those with special mobility considerations. Standard full size vans are also much more readily equipped with adaptive equipment along with chair loading and lifting devices that allow persons with wheelchairs to wholly access the mobility vans. Standard full size vans are highly compatible with driving assistance aids and driving assistance technology because there is more room in the driver's compartment for modifications.

Here at Clock Mobility, we are experts in the conversions of all types of vehicles, and we have a proven track record of performance and reliability. One particular area that we pride ourselves in is our ability to modify and customize full size wheelchair vans to meet a variety of needs and applications. At Clock Mobility, we strive to meet any need and exceed all expectations.

Standard Full Size Van

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