Raised Roof and Raised Door Vans

Raised Roof & Raised Door

Another option to full size vans that require additional head space in the cabin are raised roof vans. The advantage to raised roof vans would be the fact that there is less exterior work done involving crucial automotive components.

An additional feature that is frequently used in conjunction with a raised roof is a raised door system. This system adds extra inches to the entry way of the modified vehicles and can go a long way into easing the transition for a person in a wheelchair to get behind the wheel. The raised roof and raised door systems are commonly used for our clients who operate a motorized wheelchair or a wheelchair with more than standard height.

Click here to see more picturesAt Clock Mobility, we use a reinforced steel caging system to complete our raised roof mobility vans. Take a look at some before and after photographs of the raised roof and raised door systems by clicking on the button to the right.