Lowered Floor Vans

What is a "lowered floor" van?

A person seated in a wheelchair usually sits taller than a person sitting in a seat of a van and usually is taller than the doorway leading into the vehicle. A structural modification commonly referred to as a lowered floor, can be done to either a full-sized van or a mini-van which increases not only the headroom in the center of the vehicle but also through the doorway. The benefits of lowered floor vans are not only added headroom, but the person seated in the wheelchair now has the ability to see out of the windows like everyone else seated in the vehicle. Most people that drive from a Click here to see more pictureswheelchair need to sit lower to allow forward vision out of the windshield. Lowered floor vans are a popular option in mobility vans since they allow the person in the wheelchair to enjoy the ride and to sit at eye level with the other passengers in the vehicle.