Full Size Wheelchair Vans

Full size mobility vans to keep you on the move

Full Size Wheelchair VansWhile minivans are the right size for many applications, there are times where a full size van is a better option for the user. This is no concern for Clock Mobility. We are experienced in conversions of vehicles of all sizes and we specialize in full size wheelchair vans that require a high level of modification that will best fit the needs of our clients. Full size mobility vans offer a number of options that are not available on minivans. We are able to create a truly unique vehicle that will meet almost any demand or customization that any client would need. Perhaps the biggest difference between a minivan and a full size van are the weight allowances. Full size wheelchair vans have a greater tolerance for additional weight, which can be essential when adding wheelchair restraints, wheelchair lifts or driving aids. Another great benefit to the full size van is the fact that it is able to undergo floor-lowering or roof-raising modifications, which are essential for larger wheelchairs or motorized wheelchairs.

No matter what the modification or size of the vehicle, Clock Mobility has performed the job with quality before, and is eager to get you or your loved ones mobile again.

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